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About Us

About Us

Who are we?

Established in 2017 ArchPrint has become the go-to printing center for most of the residents of Malaysia Selangor that visit ArchPrint because of the fast service and great printing and crafting quality that we provide our customers with every order submitted to us. 

ArchPrint began as a solution for students and businesses in Cyberjaya who were looking for a fast printing service that would also provide them with quality prints and custom-crafted materials for all their needs such as thesis books, Architectural drawings, roll-ups, and more. We have since rapidly grown as a business to become the leading printing center in Selangor because we adopt the latest printing technology and our accumulated experience over the years. 

Additionally, the B2B service offered at ArchPrint is second to none when it comes to delivering orders on time and at the highest quality. We pride ourselves on our same-day order completions while maintaining our production quality.

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Visit us at our HQ in Cyberjaya +6010-255-5524 or at our second branch in Sunway +6019-993-5524 and you can contact using our email

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