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Display Stands

Display Stands
Bunting Tripod Stands

make your product or brand stand out anywhere when you order the Bunting Tripod Stand

RM 90

Bunting T Round Base Stand

Your product and brand will be visible for all in and out of shops with this T round base stand

RM 105

Roll up Bunting Stand

get your portable roll up stand and set it up anywhere inside or outside events to show your brand

RM 130

A3 Round Base Stan

The A3 stand is perfect for any even restaurant or cinema that needs to show important information

RM 115

A1 Display Stand

The A1 Display Stand will give you great advertisement for your restaurant event or cinema

RM 105

Bunting K Stand

The Bunting printed on the HP from Latex and Tarpaulin will make customers notice your ad

RM 80

Metal Easel stand

If you need a sturdy good stand to put in front of your shop then you should get the metal easel stand

RM 75

Wooden Easel Stand

The wooden easel will give your store that attention that you need to show your promotions and offerings

RM 90

Jumbo Stand

IIf you have an event ceremony or a party then you will need the jumbo stand to make it stand out

RM 380

Popup Display

No matter the event or ceremony that you may have this popup stand will make your event an eye catcher

RM 440

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